Flora For Jayne

Our Mission

I am a college student who began working for a top wedding company last summer. Turns out, a lot of the floral used in weddings will be thrown away after the night is through. Almost all of this floral is in beautiful condition and it's sad to see it in the trash! I can't stand to see such beautiful arrangements go to waste - Flora For Jayne can prevent it. If you'd like to donate the floral from any event, I will collect it, repurpose or rearrange it, and deliver the flowers to hospitals, retirement homes, peace homes, and many more spaces that will thank you for your donation.


Contact me with your name, the date and strike time of your event, and the amount of floral you'd like to donate. Brides, event companies, and venues are welcome to request where the floral is to be donated. Hope to hear from you! 

Kambridge Van Der Veur